Design and visualizations


ARCAN carries out design of all industrial, residential and public buildings.

We provide redesign of ongoing projects: optimization of the planned solutions for metal constructions and reinforced concrete constructions (amongst others) to save resources intended for the project. ARCAN believes in thinking several steps ahead to avoid unexpected situations, and our clients appreciate that.

In the design phase, our construction specialists work in tandem with designers to create the best solution for the client to receive a thought-through project. Calculations and tests are carried out with the utmost precision.

We also offer turnkey projects: if you have an idea, we will design it, build it, put it into service, and provide needed equipment. Our experience and skills will save your time and resources.


ARCAN works in building information modeling (BIM) environment.

BIM is more than a simple 3D modelling software. In BIM all of the specialists are involved in the construction process to improve geometrical model of the building with necessary information, including estimation and planning.

It is a single tool where a digital building is created before being built in reality.  It is possible to design not only a building but also technological equipment, AC systems, water supply systems, sewage systems etc. Until now, each specialist created drawings in their own software and technique; with BIM, it is possible to unify and coordinate all processes in one place.

It is also easy to integrate machinery in the project–if a client knows necessary machinery (as it is often the case), what’s left is only to choose its type and let us know.

Public buildings

We design each public building for the future, making sure our work is sustainable and will be useful for many years. We would gladly take on the role of a general contractor and leave the interior work to subcontractors under our careful coordination.

As a subcontractor, we have reconstructed a hotel building on Ausekla iela 22, Riga, where we carried out two types of works: construction of a concrete frame for a new block and reconstruction of the old block, where ceilings were changed on all floors and building foundation was reinforced.

Industrial buildings

Construction of industrial projects, agricultural buildings, and production buildings

We have gained considerable experience working with farmers and producers, and carried out tens of projects in Latvia and the Nordic countries.

Equipping projects with machinery

In most cases, our clients know well what equipment they want in their building, and we are happy to fulfill their wishes. We are ready to do the machinery search and task coordination for you – even if it’s a separate project.


Are you a Latvian farmer and willing to receive public funding? We can help! We provide consultations about the requirements of the Rural Support Service and the Central Finance and Contracting Agency, necessary documentation and information on what to do with changes in projects and estimates.

Hangars, warehouses, farms (standard and deep), dryers: ARCAN builds, reconstructs, modernizes and rebuilds all of them with the newest technology. We also offer several machinery producers for dryers.

Restoration and reconstruction

Restoration and reconstruction of historical buildings is a complicated process that requires not only knowledge and manpower, but also respect and piety. Our competence and quality is evidenced not only by a certificate of restoration works, but also by the experience gained throughout the years. We are proud of our outstanding reconstruction work on Grecinieku iela 7, Riga, a high quality hotel building replica onin Jomas iela 92, Dzintari, Jurmala, amongst others.